Know what happens when the user presses a button

Sequence diagrams help visualize what happens when an action occurs — such as when a user presses a button on your app. They are commonly used by technical and business teams to architect solutions, understand requirements for new system integration and/or to document an existing process.

While sequence diagrams can…

“Aha!” moments have to start from somewhere

The Era of Personalization

Delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right customer is becoming more critical in today’s digital marketing landscape. Consumers’ growing expectations are driving the need for brands to create faster, better, and more personalized experiences.

“Eight in 10 survey respondents say personalization is important to their organization’s…

Use this format to create a shared understanding of why we do what we do.

User stories are short, simple descriptions of a requirement told from the perspective of the person who would like a new feature. They typically follow a common template that is used to foster alignment with the work at hand and is not limited to tech or agile teams.

In this…

Build, fly, review, and iterate

I became inspired to write this article after reading a book on Scrum written by one of the original creators himself — Jeff Sutherland. While the book mainly focuses on why teams should use Scrum, the author did mention how he uses paper airplanes to teach it.

As I read…

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